2012 Bridesmaid Dresses

Latest 2012 bridesmaid dress are available at Dresseshop. We have prepared lots of affordable Wedding bridesmaid dresses, not only affordable prices but also latest styles, every dress here you can change color, size to what you need. With our cheap prices and great selections, you're sure to find the best bridesmaid dress.
Product Image
Item Name
Column Strapless Gold Satin Drape Knee-length dress
710.37 1,811.96
A-line Strapless Blue Satin Flower Knee-length dress
895.69 2,192.89
A-line Square Black Taffeta Sash Knee-length dress
679.49 1,811.96
A-line V-neck Black Taffeta Belt Knee-length dress
689.78 1,811.96
A-line Halter Pink Taffeta Belt Knee-length dress
700.08 1,811.96
A-line Scoop Blue Taffeta Sash Knee-length dress
679.49 1,811.96
A-line Scoop Sage Taffeta Sash Knee-length dress
700.08 1,811.96