2012 Prom Collection

Look at our 2012 prom dresses collection of outstanding beauty and quality. You can totally show your individuality through our latest style dresses for prom. How fabulous!

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Item Name
A-line Scoop Floor-length Fuchsia Stain Dresses
854.51 1,420.74
A-line Scoop Tea-length Dark Navy Stain Dresses
730.96 1,307.50
A-line Scoop White Ruffles Chiffon Floor-length Dress
1,050.12 1,750.19
A-line Scoop Tea-length Dark Blue Stain Dresses
813.32 1,307.50
A-line Scoop Red Rhinestone Chiffon Floor-length Dress
1,029.52 1,719.31
A-line Scoop Belt Tea-length Black Lace Dresses
813.32 1,307.50