Rewards Points Program

Terms of Use

Dresseshop Rewards Points Program is a loyalty scheme, which Dresseshop members accumulates points in respect of qualifying purchases made and operation on Dresseshop, and is a key part of efforts to provide better service and build long-term relationships with the customers. These terms and conditions govern the collection and use of Dresseshop Points, until such time as the Programme is determined, and set out the terms of the contract between Dresseshop and each Member.

Points Validity

Points Redemption Rules

Dresseshop Points Program is a key part of our efforts to provide better service and build long-term relationships with our customers. Points can be redeemed to purchases, shipping fee, coupons and even cash! You can also redeem the points to upgrade your membership and enjoy more special offers!

  • Points can not be transferred or used together between different accounts.
  • Dresseshop Rewards Points Program only applies to personal use of shopping. It does not apply to group shopping or profit-making purchases.
  • Point’s redemption is subject to then-current notice or promotion. If there is term of validity for the notice or promotion, the points may not be redeemed after the expiring date.
  • You are eligible to redeem points to make certain purchases, to the last item of limited quantity.
  • To the points that accumulated by inviting friends, Dresseshop reserves the right to take back the points any other benefits referenced herein when we find the accounts is unreal or duplicate.
  • Within the limit of law, Dresseshop reserves the right of final explanation to the point’s redemption.
  • Be there anything confusing regarding this program, please do contact us and we are happy to make further explanation to you.


If the customer violates Dresseshop terms and cheats on earning Dresseshop points, Dresseshop may ban the account and remove the all the points and reserve the right to investigate its related legal liability.

Amend & Termination

In its sole discretion, Dresseshop may unilaterally amend or modify this Points Program or any other documents referenced herein at any time. Any amended or modified terms will be effective upon posting. Continued use of the Site constitutes acceptance of any modified terms and conditions. Dresseshop reserves the right to delete, modify or supplement the Content of this program at any time for any reason without notification to anyone.

How to Get Points?

Ways to Win Points



Registration & Log in

Logging in Dresseshop via Facebook to Get Points!


Log in Dresseshop via Facebook & like Dresseshop Facebook page, Dresseshop will offer 50 points per Facebook account.

Information Completion

Complete Information to Get Points


Dresseshop will offer 50 points for those who complete the size information in "My Account" » "Size Guide". However, Dresseshop may not give points for size updating after the completion.


Share Dresseshop Products on Social Platforms

Please refer to "My Account" »
"Share" for more details

Share you favorite Dresseshop items on social platforms – Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and get points.
Simply click the social platform you have in "My Account" » "Share", share the valid links and you will get points after Dresseshop approval.
Note: If the Dresseshop items you shared are popular on other social platforms besides the ones listed, Dresseshop will offer extra points as reward!

Shop Now

Points are given to the purchase you make.

1 point for £1

Points are given to the purchase you make.
You can earn 1 point for £1 after a successful purchase. While the amount less than £1 does not apply. E.g. You will get 1 point for £1.1.
Note: Order value redeemed by Points, codes and shipping fees are excluded from the transaction accumulation to get points.

Review Dresseshop Products

Make positive review after a successful purchase


  • After confirm receipt on Dresseshop, a positive review will bring you 50 points;
  • Several comments/ reviews concerning one product can only bring you ONE chance to get the points;
  • You can get more points by writing comments of different items of Dresseshop;
  • Once you finish review, the relevant points will be transferred into your account;
  • We may offer you extra points as reward for certain positive reviews that we deem helpful for serving our customers;
  • Dresseshop reserves the rights to delete the vicious comments and remove the related points.

Invite Friends

You can get extra points when your invited friend made a successful purchase.

Points are given to your friend's first purchase.

  • The inviter need to have successful purchase record at Dresseshop;
  • One valid invitation means that the Invitee makes a successful purchase after registration;
  • Each account can have maximum 50 valid invitations;
  • Each account can have one valid invitation for one unique IP with 24 hours;
  • Each account can have up to 5 valid invitations for one unique IP;
  • Points will not be given if the inviter and the invitee share the same computer, or the invitee had a Dresseshop account.

﹡Successful Purchase: Order Status "Completed"

Birthday Points

Shop on your birth day and get double points!


  • Points will be doubled for the purchase you make on your birthday. Dresseshop will give the points according to the date you placed the order;
  • The birth date is subject to the Birth day you put in "My Account"

Extra Rewards

Customers who spend more than £1000 in one month will get extra points!


For customers who spend more than £1000 in one month at Dresseshop, Dresseshop will offer extra 100 points as rewards. The more you spend, the more extra points you will get.

Buyers Show

Make buyers' show and points will be offered as rewards.


Dresseshop will offer extra points as rewards to those who do buyers show for Dresseshop. Simply take pictures or video of you wearing Dresseshop products, send to Dresseshop customer service and you can get 50 points.


Dresseshop will have point's related promotions periodically.

Subject to Promotion

To ensure that you get promotion notice in time, please put [email protected] into your email address book after registration.


  • When the order are shipped (order status "Shipped"), the points will be put in your account, while in inactive state. The points will be activated when the order completed (order status "Completed").
  • If any return occurs, Dresseshop will take back the points (including extra rewards points) that related to the purchase. The rest points can not be used until the return completed (order status "Refunded").

How to Redeem Points?

Ways to Redeem Points Instructions
Points may be redeemed in full or part payment on purchases.

Accumulated points may be redeemed in full or part payment on purchases.

Before clicking "Place Your Order", enter the points amount you like to use and click "Apply Points". 10 points = £1

Currently, there are no restrictions of using your points balance, within the term of validity.

Points may be redeemed to coupons. (Offered by Dresseshop periodically)

1000 points = £110 coupon (Coupon can be used for order over £110. Coupon valid for one month)
2000 points = £220 coupon (Coupon can be used for order over £220. Coupon valid for one month)
3000 points = £330 coupon (Coupon can be used for order over £330. Coupon valid for one month)
5000 points = £550 coupon (Coupon can be used for order over £550. Coupon valid for one month)

Points may be redeemed to cash.

Points can be redeemed to cash to PayPal account when the accumulated Dresseshop payment is over £2000 via one PayPal account.

2000 points can be redeemed to £150;
3000 points can be redeemed to £280;
5000 points can be redeemed to £500;

Points may be redeemed to Free Shipping

3000 Points = 1 Year Free Shipping

Accumulated points over 3000 can be redeemed to one year free shipping.

The customer can enjoy free standard shipping on all Dresseshop orders for one year, from the date the points are redeemed. Eg. You redeem 3000 points to free shipping on Nov. 20, 2014. You can enjoy free shipping for all Dresseshop orders till Nov. 20, 2015.

Points may be redeemed to VIP membership

2000 Points = VIP membership

Accumulated points over 2000 can be redeemed to VIP membership and enjoy all VIP offers. This applies to regular Dresseshop members.

Points may be redeemed to discount code

Accumulated points over 1000 can be redeemed to discount code and enjoy extra discounts on Dresseshop purchases.

1000-2000 Points = 3% off discount code;
2001-4000 Points = 5% off discount code
4001-6000Points = 5% off discount code
>6000 Points = 10 % off discount code

Where to Check Points Details

  • Check Your Points Status at "My Account"»"Rewards & Credit".
  • Any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!